Las Vegas Shooting October 2017

Thursday November 2, 2017

My friend John's son is an executive at Apple. He and his team were in Las Vegas riding on the tram from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Excalibur Hotel when the shooting started. They heard the shots and took cover hoping for the best as the tram headed north and there was nowhere to escape. They were lucky. They also felt there was more than one shooter but that is hard to determine while the tram was in motion and they thought they were going to die. Speaking of people who cheated death that night we find a couple from California who survived the mass shooting but have since died in an auto crash.

About the Great Pyramid discovery/conspiracy - wouldn't it stand to reason that the Big Void was discovered long ago and is just now coming to light to increase tourism? What do Ancient Alien Theorist and others know? Here's the answer ... Hello Zahi ... Egyptologist and former Minister of Antiquities Hello Zahi Hawass told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the Khufu pyramid has two gaps, a large gap over the Grand Gallery, and another gap on the ramp has been known for 25 years. Khufu did not build the Great Pyramid. It was an insert in the hologram also known as Khufu's Folly.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is shaped like a pyramid which takes us to the story below.

'Big void' identified in Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza   BBC - November 2, 2017
The mysteries of the pyramids have deepened with the discovery of what appears to be a giant void within the Khufu, or Cheops, monument in Egypt. It is not known why the cavity exists or indeed if it holds anything of value because it is not obviously accessible. Japanese and French scientists made the announcement after two years of study at the famous pyramid complex. They have been using a technique called muography, which can sense density changes inside large rock structures. The Great Pyramid, or Khufu's Pyramid, was constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu between 2509 and 2483 BC. At 140m (460 feet) in height, it is the largest of the Egyptian pyramids located at Giza on the outskirts of Cairo.

Great Pyramid of Giza's hidden chamber is revealed: Scientists uncover a mysterious 'big void' in Egypt's 4,500-year-old monument that could reveal its ancient secrets   Daily Mail - November 2, 2017
A long-hidden narrow void in the Great Pyramid of Giza has been found by scientists in a discovery that could finally reveal the secrets of the 4,500-year-old monument. The void stretches for at least 30 metres (100ft) above the Grand Gallery - an ascending corridor that links the Queen's chamber to the King's in the heart of the pyramid. It is not known why the void exists or if there are any valuable artifacts inside as it is not obviously accessible. But it has similar dimensions to the Gallery, which is 50 metres (164ft) long, eight metres (26ft) high and more than a metre (3.2ft) wide. Researchers suggest it could be a construction gap - part of a trench that allowed workers to access the Grand Gallery and King's Chamber while the rest of the pyramid was built. The discovery was made after physicists took images of the inside of the pyramid using particles fired to Earth from space. These cosmic particles penetrate the rock in a similar way to X-rays, only much deeper. The collaborative effort, between archaeologists, historians and physicists, has been hailed as the biggest discovery inside the Giza landmark since the 19th century.

November 4, 2017

Full Moon 11° Taurus

Taurus and Scorpio are Egypt.

November 4, 1922

Howard Carter finds the steps leading to Tutankhamen's tomb.

  Howard Carter Finds Tut's Tomb Google Videos

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