Syrian Strikes

You can't help but follow the ongoing narratives.

Friday April 7, 2017

In my wake-up dream I was watching a city being bombed and felt as if I was part of that grid. As I stayed up late last night watching the news about military strikes in Syria that is probably the reason. The world is a powder keg as I follow my mantra ... "Humans blow things up". For all the beauty humans bring into the world (equation), drama will always follow. What remains are developing strategies by the US and its allies, and reaction from Damascus, Russia, and other countries many who want no part of US intervention.

There are so many conflicts, and escalating acts of terrorism across the world, one has to wonder if we are heading into so-called World War III. If you understand these are end time events in the hologram, you formulate your own opinions about the current timeline, knowing where it's all going.

It's interesting that for all his faults, the hologram chose Trump as president ... though in other realities different scenarios could be playing out to get a final ending and not have to (time) loop again.

The attack on Syria happened as Mercury Retrograde takes hold in Aries (Mars, war). This is just the beginning.

Trump did the right thing but needs further strategies. I agree with Trump when he says plans should Not be told in advance of actions as in the past. The element of surprise rules this level of the hologram. The best and worst of all things come by synchronicity and out of the blue. Informing the world about political strategies before they happen never made sense to me. To be continued ...

The West Wing - Day 77

Thursday April 6, 2017

Senate Republicans used the "nuclear option" Thursday to change the chamber's rules and clear the way for the confirmation of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. The rules change will enable Gorsuch to easily pass through the Senate with a simple majority instead of the now-defunct 60-vote threshold. A final confirmation vote is expected Friday.

Who's running the White House? A 36 year old from NYC whose father was send to jail by Chris Christie, who background is real estate, who just returned from Iraq, has little to no political experience, seems to be calling the shots ...

Not surprising White House intel chairman Devin Nunes stepped aside from House Russia investigation. Classified briefings with senior lawmakers indicate that the C.I.A. had evidence of Russia's intentions to help Trump much earlier in the presidential campaign than previously thought. Hillary Clinton condemned what she called Moscow's 'weaponization of information' in contributing to her loss.

Important Meet and Greet: Trump and China's President Xi Jinping met in Florida at Mar-a-Lago. What will China do about North Korea's nuclear ambitions?


Walk the walk - Talk the talk

Walking ... Today is National Walking Day.

Talking ... people don't really talk anymore ... they text, tweet, or snap (chat).

Wednesday April 5, 2017

Trump did a whole lot of talking on the campaign trail. His "talk" "tweets" make matters worse each day. So much centers on his secret relationship with Russia and how that affects Syria, Iran and the Ukraine. I personally think Trump is being played by Putin. ... I just watched Trump talk about his change in policy towards Assad (and it would have to include Russia, after yesterday's chemical attack.

Let's look at North Korea then and now. During the Korean War in the 1950s I was a little girl in elementary school. I remember the children having dog-tags and shelter drills in which a siren would go off and we would hide under our desks until signaled to come out. People would talk about the world ending but I did not see it. I could envision the time when I would be a woman and Korea would become an issue again. Segway to 2017 ... The situation with North Korea, and its increasing capabilities of attacking its neighbors and mainland US, increase every day. You may be processing this as another global situation that will resolve itself in the endless dramas that face us personally and as a nation, but you need to pay attention. North Korea should not be taken lightly especially if you live on the West Coast.

Cyber wars will determine the fate of more than you know, but then again we are nothing more than characters in a cyber simulation ... as the game changes from minute to minute.

Protesting - Going Nuclear - We blow things up

Stardate 4.4.17

We have been adrift in physical reality way too long. The crew grows restless and longs for home. Everything is broken making them feel out of control. There have been protests by covert factions. I dream of mutiny in end times. "Going nuclear" ... going ballistic ... it never ends well.

This week we face a Nuclear Option or constitutional option ... a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of by a supermajority of 60 votes. The option is invoked by the presiding officer of the United States Senate ruling that the validity of a Senate rule or precedent is a constitutional question. The issue is immediately put to the full Senate, which decides by majority vote. The procedure thus allows the Senate to decide any issue by majority vote, regardless of existing procedural rules, such as current Senate rules specifying that ending a filibuster requires the consent of 60 senators (out of 100) for legislation, and 67 for amending a Senate rule. The term "nuclear option" is an analogy to nuclear weapons being the most extreme option in warfare.

Sudden Death

Monday April 3, 2017

1. Here we go at the start of another week of political and judicial upheaval as many of us grow tired of the narrative. Sudden Death ... Neil Gorsuch highlights this week - a win for him means a win for Trump who badly needs it. Duality - bipartisanship - will there ever be balance? Unsolvable issues will again highlight under the guise of fake news, conspiracy theories, etc - each of us relating based on our programming.

2. This weekend brought more stories about people who suddenly died after being in good health. This has happened throughout history but something feels different in this timeline. Some might consider it a mass exodus of souls in end times. I know it's part of closure but ... are souls dying in other realities that affect this one as grids merge? How is the concept of time influencing this? These types of questions only bring more questions so I'll wait and see though I don't think I'll have the answer while here.

3. In a chapter from my life ... Friday, at 4pm, after my last client left, I heard a fire engine racing down 4th Avenue ... stopping in front of my building. It was raining and very windy as I stood at the window gazing down in disbelief at a man with gray hair who had just been hit by a car. The female driver had pulled over and called 911. The firemen put him on a stretcher as EMS arrived along with the first of many policeman and others who would follow over the next four hours. I expected they would have immediately taken the man to a local hospital, but when they didn't, I assumed he was dead, which was later confirmed. No one I spoke to today knew the man. In an interesting twist, they are building an urgent care center on the street level of my building which is scheduled to open this June. I have to wonder if that would have changed the outcome. FYI - I did not take any pictures.