Reality Check August 2017

Sunday August 13, 2017

Today was a gorgeous summer day here in the city especially if one was to stroll along 5th Avenue ... And then there it was ... emotions signaling fear and anger as you got closer to Trump Tower .... not quite sure if chaos would erupt following the Incident in Charlottesville, Virginia the day before, continuing into Sunday.

As if in a movie, the scene opened to at least 1,000 demonstrators swarming Trump Tower, yelling "no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA" as the president returned to his New York City home. Activists had planned protests as soon as the White House announced Trump's return, the demonstrations supercharged by his Saturday refusal to condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville.

This was Trump's first visit to Trump Tower since he was inaugurated. How lucky he is, I thought, to feel safe in his home, sleep in his own bed, which seemed so important to him before he moved to the White House, while much of the country remains threatened moreso since he took office and violence increases. Will tensions alleviate after Steve Bannon is gone? I don't think Americans will be happy until Donald Trump joins the long list of people who have left the White House this year.

As local reporters offered protesters the opportunity to condemn white supremacy, it made me wonder how far we've come as a species. With all of our healing and awareness and feeling superior to humans of the past, how much have we actually evolved, or were allowed to evolve based on human design? Some suggested people were hired to stage the protest, but isn't all of reality a staged conspiracy?

We are still caught up in the age-old algorithm of power and control of one group over another. What part of the human experiment actually evolved since the beginning? We are different today because of science and technology making our lives easier in many ways and yet we exist in a hologram where the evolution of emotions can still revert to primitive levels.

For today we remain a nation divided, tensions growing within and without, the greatest threat as yet unknown. To discover the truth is to understand how we will find freedom the ultimate goal of humanity's journey. We will probably not find that answer until the end of the illusion of time in which we immerse our thoughts and actions.

Down here in physical reality, I return to the thought, Everything is a diversion and time-fill. What's really going on behind the scenes and who controls our journey? How much longer are we destined to remain here, prisoners of our own emotions and those of others?" The total solar eclipse is just one week away - with a new moon in Leo. Will the mighty lion roar or sleep on?