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Looking for the best places to find unique sustainable rave wear? You've come to the right place!

At last, small brands and sustainable items are getting the recognition they deserve! There is no better feeling than wearing something created and hand-crafted just for you. I fell in love with how ravers cherish creativity and self-expression through music and fashion. My favorite part about music festivals is watching everyone there become their own unique characters. Sustainable and reworked fashion adds an edge of uniqueness to every look, while also helping the environment.

You might be wondering what "sustainable/slow fashion" means. The definition is not far-off from the name. Products are always made in a controlled environment, where very piece of clothing gets a little bit of love. Using this method ensures the quality of each product is in tip-top shape. Typically, the materials are upcycled or leftover fabrics from previous clothing drops. Reworked vintage clothing has been making a massive comeback in the rave scene too! Many small businesses aim to end "fast fashion", and provide festival goers with stylish options that are both ethical & better for the environment.

Fast fashion companies have appeared excessively in the past few years. Using cheap materials, they can overproduce a large amount of product which uses an extreme amount of energy. Toxic dyes are also being used in clothing and tested on animals. On top of that, workers of these large scale corporations are often being underpaid and exploited. It is overall damaging our planet, and it's our job to continue to bring awareness to this issue! Luckily for my fellow ravers, today I am sharing some of my favorite brands for sustainable fashion and rave wear!

Hello friends!! I am so grateful to be writing/sharing advice for all my fellow ravers. Music, fashion, and photography have been my main passions throughout my entire life. Getting lost in the music, creativity, and art at music festivals is unmatchable. They've always felt like a second home where I could finally be MYSELF. Out of the festivals I have been to the past year and a half, I have to say Gem and Jam holds a special place in my heart. My top 3 favorite artists have to be Ganja White Night, Mersiv, and Liquid Stranger. On that note, I love you all. Peace love and wubz forever.

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