Earth Changes in the US - Colony Collapse Disorder (Bees)

May 10, 2007

This is a time of accelerating Earth Changes. Charles sends this email.

From bees (below) and swarms, we find this blog from Live Science - Earthquake Swarm Hits Yellowstone May 7, 2007

Not far from Yellowstone, as the crow flies ... New Madrid: Source of Major Earthquakes Discovered Beneath U.S. Midsection Live Science - May 2, 2007
Midwest Faces Quake Danger From Shifting Fault, Experts Say National Geographic - May 11, 2007

New Madrid Fault Line Wikipedia

1812 was a busy year ...

The War of 1812 (in Britain, the American War of 1812, to distinguish from the war with Napoleon) was fought between the United States of America, on one side, and on the other side the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and its colonies, especially Upper Canada (Ontario), Lower Canada (Quebec), Nova Scotia, and Bermuda. When the war had finished, 1,600 British and 2,260 American troops had died. The war was fought from 1812 to 1815 and involved both land and naval engagements. Britain was at war with France and to impede American trade with France imposed a series of restrictions that the U.S. contested as illegal under international law. The Americans declared war on Britain on June 18, 1812, for a combination of reasons; outrage at the impressment (seizure) of thousands of American sailors into the British navy, frustration at British restraints on neutral trade, and anger at British military support for Native Americans defending their tribal lands from encroaching American settlers.

War and Peace

Duality, forever a factor in the psychological dramas of reality.

Death and Rebirth

Creation is all about the birds and the bees.

What's all the buzzzzz .... ?

To be or not to be ...

Colony Collapse Disorder

In an evolving reality laced with the unexplained, as planet Earth goes through a quickening, we find the case of the disappearing bees, a phenomena that is spreading. Is there a metaphor here? I have posted about the bees on Ezine in the past and read many different theories, none conclusive, yet the origin of the bee disappearance does have a physical cause.

Bee Mythology -- "In the ancient Near East and throughout the Aegean world, bees were seen as a bridge between the natural world and the underworld."

Sharon sent an email after linking bee disappearance with something prophetic Albert Einstein once said. "If the bees disappeared, man will have only four years of life left". This comes close to the Mayan Calendar Prophecy date of 2012 for a shift in consciousness. On a scientific level, it also makes sense. Bee pollination is very important (read below).

Study: Cell Phone Radiation Could Be Killing Bees

Colony Collapse Disorder Wikipedia

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Researchers at Illinois explore queen bee longevity PhysOrg - May 9, 2007